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UK Travel Trends 2023

British Travel Trends and Predictions for 2023 from Leading Tour Operator Evan Evans

Looking ahead to 2023, sustainable holidays and staycation experiences that don't break the bank are all high on the list of demands from British travellers.

London-based tour operator Evan Evans looks at the upcoming travel trends predicted for 2023, and how its guided coach tours from London meet the demands of modern travellers.

Sustainable Travel Options

As the planet reaches its tipping point, it's never been more apparent that we need to change how we travel. There's no getting away from the fact that 80% of a holiday's carbon footprint comes from the flight industry (National Geographic, 2021). So it's little wonder that, according to, 72% of global travellers believe that sustainable travel is important.

Encouraging British travellers to scrap air travel and stay at home, and steering overseas visitors to use reduce their carbon footprint, this year Evan Evans launched the UK's first electric, zero-emission coach for fully-guided day trips.

Tom Macklin, Managing Director of Evan Evans Tours, said: “The electric coach is part of our wider commitment to sustainable travel that we support through the TreadRight Foundation. More and more people are opting for sustainable travel options and experiences, which we plan to encourage and grow over the next few years.”

Budget-Conscious Experiences

In the midst of a financial storm, with the market spooked by Britain's 'mini' budget plans, consumers are travelling on tighter budgets and looking for ways to make their holiday money go further.

Offering exceptional sightseeing trips for travellers cutting costs, Evan Evans guided coach tours offer great-value holiday experiences that take guests under the skin of British culture in some of the most historic and picturesque parts of the country.

Tom Macklin commented: “The core of our business is focused on budget-conscious coach tours. It's often cheaper than train travel and can be more affordable than travelling by car when you factor in fuel costs or even car hire.

“We expect a lot more people to choose coach travel next year as they look for budget-conscious options that put less strain on their increasingly tight finances.”

Staycations to Remain Strong

Passport-free holidays are becoming the norm. Following a post-pandemic boom, staycations are set to stay, with research from Square revealing that 10% of holidaymakers intend to holiday in the UK for the next three years.

Travel restrictions during the pandemic opened travellers' eyes to the beauty of Britain, encouraging people to get out and explore the heritage and landscapes on their doorsteps. Evan Evans guided coach tours continue to promote the best of Britain, taking visitors to iconic landmarks, famous attractions and filming locations across the country.

The recent fall of the sterling also means that cash will stretch further at home than abroad, and holidaying in the UK will help boost the local economy.

Nostalgia for Coach Trips

It's not just fashion that has fallen victim to the nostalgia trend. Heading into 2023, according to the Metro, it seems that travellers are also keen to relive the days before the internet and social media, and visit landmarks and attractions featured in retro films. Many of these are also keen to visit them using the more cost-effective coach travel nostalgic of school trips.

Evan Evans guided coach trips answer the call for nostalgia, taking visitors to film locations, Cotswolds villages and historic sites that hark back long before the digital era. And while coach travel is nostalgic of school trips of old, today's coaches are equipped with modern comforts including USB ports and air conditioning, ensuring a luxurious mode of transport into the past.

The Rise of Private Guided Tours

Another travel trend expected to take root in 2023 is the rising popularity of private guided sightseeing tours. According to Evan Evans, there was a 157% increase in demand for its private guided tours between 2019 and 2022.

As a result, Evan Evans Tours has expanded its range of products to meet an expected 50 to 75% increase in demand in 2023 for smaller, more exclusive excursions of major British sights and attractions.

Most of the company's tours are coach trips which carry up to 30 people for each outing. But there has been a growing demand in recent years for its private guided tours in smaller vehicles for up to six guests. This type of tour allows visitors to see the sights in the safety of a private vehicle shared only with their friends or family and one tour guide.

Tom Macklin said: “We've already had our best year yet for private tours in 2022 and expect to see even more demand next year, especially for travellers from overseas who seem to prefer the personal touch when it comes to sightseeing experiences in Britain.”

Increased Demand for Royal Sightseeing

There's little doubt that the death of Queen Elizabeth, the changing monarchy and the upcoming coronation has shone a spotlight on the Royal Family. More visitors than ever are visiting the royal residences, and this is set to continue into 2023.

Evans Evans has recently experienced a spike in visitors on guided tours that take in Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace amongst other royal residences. With the coronation coming up in May 2023, the section of tours with a royal spin are set to be a popular choice for the coming year.

Evan Evans is Excited About Visitor Potential in 2023

These and other travel trends and economic realities are expected to drive a lot of business into the British economy in 2023. Evan Evans Tours is confident that next year will be a good one for its unique brand of sightseeing travel.

The company's Managing Director Tom Macklin commented: “Economic and environmental concerns, plus the desire to stay at home and experience the best that Britain has to offer, puts us in a good position to accommodate increasing demand from visitors and sightseers on our tours.”

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