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Welcome to the window on the exciting world of Heritage and Travel. 
What We Do

We bring you the latest news and views on major finds and exhibitions from all over the world.  In fact, as it says on the tin, all things Heritage, Cultural and Travel.  We also share honest information and advice about where to go and how to plan your visit based on the culmination of our 40 years in the travel trade, so you can get the best heritage trip possible. 






We may have a financial relationship with some of the merchants that we mention. 

                From time to time, the posts and pages may contain affiliate links, which means

           we may get compensated/earn a commission at no extra cost to you if the affiliate links are utilized to make a purchase.

               The editorial content, including the advice we provide for educational purposes and the

             the opinion we express on products, services, and merchants is not influenced in any way by advertisers or affiliate partnerships and the integrity of Battered-suitcase content is in no way compromised by such financial relationships.

We only affiliate with products, services, and merchants that we believe will provide value. 

Code of Ethics may sometimes accept reduced rates or complementary arrangements to cover our travel costs when we’re on assignment.  Sponsors sign our policy of editorial freedom: They agree in writing that their sponsorship offers no guarantee of coverage and will not influence our reporting. We believe you appreciate and value such transparency. You’ve come to expect unbiased coverage from Richard, and he is not about to squander a reputation for credibility, built over 40 years, for a free trip.

Richard Church in interview for Korean TV
About Richard  -  The Travel Critic

Richard is a self-confessed travelholic who has spent many years traveling the world for both pleasure and business, having visited and spent time in well over 85 countries. Having earned his “wings” working on travel itineraries for the film, TV and media industry along with running a niche tour company, 

Whilst maintaining good working knowledge on all things travel he does have more extensive recognised expertise in particular regions such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, and Asia.

Having traveled extensively through these regions it is difficult to pick a favourite but if pushed it would have to be a research trip along Route 66 for Yorkshire TV.

He has also advised several UNESCO national bodies along with numerous hotels, tourism boards and attractions from around the world 

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