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The Silent Pool mysteries

I am always so impressed of what you can encounter on your travels, be it on business or just travelling for pleasure. The other thing is that it doesn’t always have to be somewhere exotic or world renowned, however I am not averse to explore those locations as well.

We read so much nowadays about staying at home for a multitude of reasons such as Brexit, the weather and lack of a decent warm beer. I made the last bit up honest. The staycation is very much the buzz word of late. Therefore as mentioned its amazing what you can discover in your own back yard, well near Guilford anyway, close to a little village called Shere, all very nice with a decent pub, cafes and shops, I saw a sign for silent pool parking and was astonished at the discovery and the stories attached to the area.

The Silent Pool is considered by some to be a sacred site. It is linked to a folklore tale that says King John on his horse abducted a woodcutter's daughter who was forced into the deep water and drowned. According to the legend, the maiden can be seen at midnight.

In December 1926, when crime writer Agatha Christie infamously disappeared, it was feared that she had drowned in the Silent Pool after her car was discovered at nearby Newlands Corner, the rest of that story is still open to much debate.

The lake and the area in general was admired greatly by the poet Alfred Tennyson. Maybe best of all is a Gin Distillers which is adjacent to the site and uses water from the pools to produce it’s wares.

The pools are located next to the aforementioned parking and are totally free to visit.

Next time you are out on the road look out for those unusual road sign and go exploring, you may also be astonished at what you come across.

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