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Oktoberfest time

The Oktoberfest is what comes to mind to most travelers when asked about German festivals. That is why you can’t really tell anything new to your friends if you visited it. Besides, it usually tends to be crowded, overly commercialized and expensive. Even some locals to avoid it nowadays.

There are so many alternatives is Germany, when it comes to “Volksfests”. In this mix of food, music, beer, wine and fun culminates a city’s entire history, culinary highlights and tradition. That’s what makes them so unique and buzzing with life! Everyone who visited a German Christmas Market once will get the idea. Here you can truly immerse into your destination’s culture with all your senses.

AUGSBURGER PLÄRRER - 20th of April to 5th of May 2019 The Augsburg Plärrer is the largest folk festival in Bavarian Swabia with about 1.2 million visitors on two occasions per year. It combines a traditional fun fair, rides and traveling circuses with the typical Bavarian beer culture and dates back more than 1000 years! The Augsburger Dult, a half a mile long craft market taking place simultaneously, is leading up to the fair. Historically these two events were conjoinend, but in 1878 the authorities decided to grant the nearby residents a bit more peacefulness by placing the loud showmen outside the city gates, thus the name ‘Plärrer’ (freely translated: chatterbox) was born.

OSNABRÜCKER MAIWOCHE - 10th to 19th of May 2019 ‘Free and outdoors’ is the motto of the Osnabrücker Maiwoche (May week),one of the most popular festivals in Northern Germany. Music, show and comedy in the open air on several stages in the city center are for many visitors a good reason to come to Osnabrück and enjoy the first long evenings outside.

WÜRZBURGER KILIANI - 7th to 21st of July 2019 Beer, Bratwurst, Cotton Candy: The largest Volksfest in Lower Franconia will be opened with the celebrated beer tapping by the mayor of Würzburg. The big traditional costume parade with more than 2000 participants will take you through the city center to the fairground Talavera. 17 days of pure fun with numerous rides and two beer tents!

HEIDELBERGER HERBST - 28th to 29th of September 2019 The city festival ‘Heidelberger Herbst’ (Heidelberg Fall) has many facets. The arts and crafts market along the main street, the popular flea market in the small old town streets or on the banks of the Neckar and all the stalls with regional specialties invite you to stroll and taste to your heart’s content. Musical entertainment of all kinds can be found in almost all public places. But no later than evening, the old town has turned into a single, large open-air concert in which there is something in store for every musical desire.

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