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Indulge into Chocolate Heaven

When it comes to chocolate, everyone has their favorites. Luckily there are a number of German cities can provide a vast range of sweet little sins. Most businesses have been family-run over many generations and judging from the quality of their work you might think they date back to the time when the Aztecs first cultivated the precious cocoa beans. The owners used the time to carefully perfect their recipes and pass their wisdom on which culminated in unique and artsy confectionery suitable for every kind of taste buds!

GOLDHELM CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUE The philosophy of Alexander Kühn, maître chocolatier of the traditional Goldhelm manufactory in Erfurt, is not about fancy decorations, flavors or spices. His goal is simply to produce the best and purest chocolate possible.  For that he carefully selects the beans by climate, soil, drying method and puts a large amount of love into his creations.

MALDANER & KUNDER Wiesbaden has the luxury of two top notch pastry shops. Both have been serving hand-crafted sweet delicacies to their customers for well over a hundred years now. The Maldaner Café is a place where you should not only buy some sugary masterpieces but also pass some time in Vienna coffeehouse tradition. Kunder on the other hand is known for their personalized products specifically tailored to the needs of their customers.

CAFÉ PRINZESS This pastry shop already delighted the noble family Thurn und Taxis and many other aristocrats with their treats. It has served the best chocolate in town since 1676. It beautifully fits with the well preserved medieval old town of Regensburg with its narrow, cobbled streets and its relaxing atmosphere.

LEYSIEFFER CHOCOLATE "If you want it to turn out good, do it yourself“. This is what founder Ulrich Leysieffer said when he stepped into the game of confectionery. His claim worked out for him as of now, hundred and ten years into the future, his shop is still alive and kicking. It has become the go-to place for every chocolate lover in the Osnabrück region and is always worth a visit.

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