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“Does That Holiday Come in Green?”

With Brits' searches for a UK holiday hitting the heady heights of the 2020 summer again*, this year has proven that the domestic holiday is here to stay as the nation also cements itself as Europe's most planet-considerate holiday planner.

Us Brits are more likely to consider sustainability when booking a short break than our European counterparts, according to new research from Tootbus ( Almost half of Britons (49 per cent) say preserving the environment in their holiday destination is 'very important', ahead of the French and Belgians (42 per cent and 37 per cent respectively).

Tootbus, the city bus tour operator, has created a barometer to gauge how current attitudes to green issues are likely to shape travel trends in the future. An impressive four out of every 10 Brits (41 per cent) say they have a strong understanding of 'sustainable travel', with seven in 10 (71 per cent) saying that they have heard about the concept. This makes us more knowledgeable than our neighbours from France (32 per cent and 68 per cent) and Belgium (29 per cent and 65 per cent).

While 77 per cent of UK travellers acknowledge that eco-friendly tourism is expensive, it is a cost most are willing pay. UK visitors are the most likely to opt for operators and attractions that are environmentally aware (86 per cent) with average price rises of 16.5 per cent for the 'greener' choice being deemed bearable (French would pay 10.8 per cent more / Belgians 11.8 per cent more).

The trend for doing the right thing on holiday is reflected in the British willingness to adopt eco-friendly behaviours during a city trip. Popular measures include buying local produce (89 per cent); eating local and responsibly, with less meat and seasonal goods (82 per cent); travelling off-peak (82 per cent) and choosing sustainable travel to get around the city, such as walking or cycling (79 per cent).

Tootbus, which offers planet friendly tours of cities across the UK, France and Belgium, promotes loving and protecting our cities. Its journeys provide memorable travel experiences while remaining eco-friendly with clean air busses which are powered by biodiesel/euro 6. The sightseeing operator also launched the world's first all-electric sightseeing bus in Brussels in 2021.


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