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Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York- Art of Marvel is Now Open!

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived, Disneyland Paris’ Hotel New York- The Art of Marvel is now open for bookings for stays starting in June 2020! The Disneyland Paris hotel, Hotel New York closed its doors to be reimagined into an amazing hotel dedicated to Marvel Super Heroes! You can now book your legendary stay at the European Disneyland from as early as 15th June 2020!

To welcome guests, whoever books a stay by the 4th December will take home an exclusive, limited-edition piece of Marvel artwork to celebrate the occasion. Created by legendary British artist Matt Ferguson, this Art Deco-style piece depicts the Super Heroes standing together in front of a dizzying New York skyscraper, also featuring Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel and other famous Marvel monuments like the Avengers Tower.

In addition to this collector’s item, the hotel is also offering a limited-time offer of a “half board” format with breakfast and either lunch or dinner included per person per night booked. This is a great chance to try out the hotel’s two new restaurants: Manhattan Restaurant, an elegant table service lit by a magnificent Asgard-inspired chandelier, and Downtown Restaurant, a veritable culinary journey through cosmopolitan New York by the buffet.

Disneyland Paris’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is opening next summer! Will you be among the first to book a stay at the very first hotel dedicated to the art of Marvel? Contact us now for more details

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