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Celebration of Joan Miró

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Palma Celebrates the Legacy of Joan Miró Following the Reopening of the Moneo Building (Miro Mallorca Foundation)

The Miró Mallorca Foundation; the museum in Palma which honours the life and work of pioneering Catalan artist Joan Miró, has reopened its Moneo building, the headquarters of the museum. The reopening encompasses the exhibition space 'Espai Estrella' currently featuring “El Miró de Son Boter”; a showcase of Miró's work methods during his time at Son Boter, which today forms part of the Foundation.

Pedro Homar, director of the Palma Tourist Board says: “Palma has a rich artistic heritage which has long made the city the cultural capital of the Balearic Islands. We are proud of our connections to Miró and the fact that he chose this iconic site as his residence in 1956 up until his death in 1983. As well as the Miró Mallorca Foundation, Palma is home to a wide variety of excellent year-round museums and intimate artist studios open to the public. Likewise, we have many outdoor sculptures and contemporary art features which play a significant part of our city's identity and position us as an ideal location for travellers who have a thirst to learn more about art.”

Other significant art institutions in Palma include:

Es Baluard: one of Spain's most important museums of modern and contemporary art featuring a collection of over 600 works of art linked to the Balearic Islands. Constructed in a former military fortress dating back to the 16th century, it is one of the most impressive buildings in Palma. The collection consists of paintings, sculptures and drawings by 20th century artists such as Cezanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Barceló and Scully.

The Museu Fundació Juan March: an exceptional museum located in the heart of Palma in a 17th century mansion. The museum houses a small but important group of carefully selected pieces of 20th century art by artists that have played their part in defining contemporary art in Spain including Picasso, Miró, Juan Gris and Salvador Dalí.

'Must-see' annual art festivals

La 'Nit de l'Art' is Palma's premier art event, which takes place on the third Thursday of September each year. Celebrating the start of the arts and culture season, the event sees museums and art galleries join together to transform the city's historic quarter into an art lover's paradise, staying open and offering free entry all night long.

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