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ABTA’s Travel Checklist for your summer holiday

With the peak summer season fast approaching, ABTA – The Travel Association is encouraging holidaymakers to follow its Travel Checklist to make sure they’ve ticked off the most important steps to take when preparing for their holiday this year.

The eight-step checklist includes checking the Foreign Office travel advice for the destination they’re visiting, taking out comprehensive travel insurance, sticking to the existing rules for liquids and laptops when travelling through airport security, and making sure their passport will be valid for their travel dates.

Graeme Buck, ABTA’s Director of Communications, said:

“Getting the final preparations in place for your holiday can be part of the excitement of going away, but it might also start that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to do something really important. That’s why we’ve put together our Travel Checklist – following the eight simple steps should make sure that preparing for your holiday this summer is as stress-free as possible!

“If you haven’t booked a summer holiday yet but would like to, an ABTA travel agent or tour operator is best placed to help you. They’re experts at helping you snap up a late deal, as they can have access to better prices and a wider choice of trips compared to booking independently.”

Summer holidays are here
Summer holidays are here

ABTA’s Travel Checklist

  • Read the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office travel advice – this is where you’ll find the latest advice for the destination you’re visiting.

  • Check your passport will be valid for your travel dates and allow time to renew if needed – if you’re travelling to any country in the EU (except Ireland), your passport must have been issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the EU and be valid for at least three months after the day you plan to leave.

  • Take out comprehensive travel insurance – make sure your policy covers your specific needs, including any activities you plan to do or existing medical conditions.

  • Make sure you have a valid GHIC – if not, apply for one for free at Having a GHIC means you can access to medically necessary state healthcare in all 27 EU countries, Switzerland, Montenegro, the Channel Islands and Australia if needed while you’re away.

Summer holidays are here
Summer holidays are here
  • Check the rules if you’re travelling to the EU – make sure you are aware of restrictions on items that can be taken into the EU, the documentation required when driving or taking your pet abroad, and potential charges for using your mobile phone depending on your network.

  • Stick to the current rules for liquids and laptops – many airports haven’t fully implemented the next-generation security scanners yet, so make sure to follow the existing hand luggage rules around liquids and electronic devices when going through security to avoid delays.

  • Get your travel money sorted – the use of cash and card varies overseas, so take enough travel money with you for the country you’re visiting. Remember you may need cash on arrival for bus or taxi fares, as well as for tips or for cash-only transactions while on holiday.

  • Have a fun and safe trip – we want everyone to have a holiday to remember, for all of the right reasons, so make sure you take steps to keep yourself safe, such as, when swimming, following the rules at the pool, look out for warning flags and signs at the beach and closely supervise children in the water. ABTA has lots of advice to help you stay safe on holiday.

Summer holidays are here
Summer holidays are here

ABTA is a trade association for UK travel agents, tour operators and the wider travel industry. We’re the largest travel trade body, with over 4,600 travel brands in membership who have a combined pre-pandemic annual UK turnover of £40 billion. We work closely with our members to help raise and maintain standards and build a more sustainable travel industry, and provide travellers with advice, guidance and support.

Our members sign up to a code of conduct and commit to agreed service standards and fair trading. When you need clear travel information, and accurate and impartial advice relating to your trip, we’re here for you. When you book with an ABTA member, reliable advice comes as standard. This means that booking with our members brings peace of mind.

Summer holidays are here
Summer holidays are here

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