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100 days to closure ! Visit Museum of London now

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The 26th of August mark's just 100 days before the Museum of London closes in its present location. Digital screens will display a countdown clock to mark the days left before the London Wall site closes to the public on Sunday 4 December 2022, in preparation for the museum’s move to a new home at West Smithfield.

A six-month-long programme of activities leading up to the museum’s closure at the London Wall site.

In September, the museum will take visitors behind the scenes during Open House on 10 & 11 September. Events will include:

• London’s Birth: a 30-minute journey through London’s ancient history from the foundation of London to its destruction in the Great Fire

• London’s Rebirth: a 30-minute journey through London’s modern history, from the rebuilding after the Great Fire to the celebration of the 2012 Olympic Games

• How the museum works – exclusive storage tour: a look through two of the museum’s collection stores with members of the conservation team, showing visitors the preparations for moving items to the new museum, including inventory, photography, and packing processes

• How the museum works – exclusive conservation tour: a look through the museum’s Applied Art, Archaeology, Paper, and Textile conservation labs, giving visitors insight into the work happening for the new museum at West Smithfield and how the museum takes care of its collections, from case layouts to test out the new display cases to conservation and barcoding

Throughout Open House Weekend, visitors will see a wide range of items from the collection that have never been on public display before including a watercolour and pastel drawing of a Suffragette demonstration and a shower bath from Camberwell Resettlement Unit in Peckham. Also on display are the enormous oil painting ‘Popularity: The Stars of the Edwardian Music Hall’; a large doll’s house from 1908; and a collection of black and white photographs by Henry Grant, which captured Londoners of all ages as they went about their everyday lives.

The six-month programme includes a Black History Month celebration in October, a jam-packed month of school visits in November framed around different themes corresponding to the museum’s collection, and two closing weekend celebration festivals on 26 & 27 November and 2, 3 & 4 December.

The museum’s October half-term programme will celebrate sports in London, inspired by the city’s greatest sporting moments and people, past and present. The range of free activities will run from Saturday 22 to Sunday 30 October and will include:

• A 2012 Olympic Games torch-making craft workshop

• A collaborative family art piece

• A new sports-themed trail through the museum for the entire family

• Object handling sessions featuring sports artifacts from prehistory to the present day

Throughout the autumn, the museum will host a series of curator talks, giving visitors a chance to visit the galleries after hours. Curators will guide visitors through their favourite stories and objects in the museum’s collection, themed around prehistoric London, Roman London, Medieval London, and London from 1980 to the present day, which will explore the work of Black artists working in the city.

A series of mini-documentaries, now available on YouTube, takes viewers behind the scenes with curators and hosts to explore ten of the most compelling objects and stories in the museum’s collection. From the Great Fire of London to the Suffragettes movement and the 2012 Olympic Cauldron, the series celebrates some of the most important moments in history that have helped to shape the London of today.

The museum is also part of the City of London’s inaugural Destination City programme, hosting one of three carnival-inspired fairs. The event will transform the Square Mile into a spectacular immersive theatre event on Saturday 15 October for the UK and international visitors, workers and residents to enjoy.

Sharon Ament, Director, Museum of London, said: “We invite everyone to join us in celebrating our 45-year history at London Wall as we count down the days until the Museum of London closes to the public. There’s so much happening over our final hundred days. I can’t wait to welcome thousands and thousands of visitors coming for one last time before our City HQ moves to West Smithfield in just a few years. Our jam-packed series of events will allow visitors to peek behind the scenes and learn about some of London’s most historic moments.”

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