The Original

Secret Honeymoon

The concept is a simple one.  Arranging any wedding is a most stressful and time-consuming process and the honeymoon is often the last straw.

What about if we were to provide you with a secret honeymoon, the details of which you have no idea until you are collected from home to begin your honeymoon.

We will provide you with a series of clues which helps build up the intrigue for not only you but also for family and friends.

How it works

  • Our team meets with you and asks lots of questions about likes and dislikes regarding travel and activities. 

  • You agree a budget band for the honeymoon, we have several levels to choose from, you sign up for us to provide you with your unique secret honeymoon based on your preferences.

  • We inform you when the arrangements have been made. Confirming dates and things like suggested packing lists, we might throw in a red herring or two to put you off the scent.

  • 4-6 weeks before you depart, we take your passports for any visa requirements and arrange for you to get inoculations if required.  Again, we keep the location from you.

  • The magic day arrives, and you may be collected from your home or told to go to a location. You will be provided with all your required documents and your adventure will begin.

The honeymoon destination guessing process can also become a feature of the wedding breakfast, we can provide answer forms for your wedding guests with prizes for those guessing the correct location, but we only reveal the destination after the event.

 We always provide emergency contact details to a designated family member.